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Complete product designing

REWAA has experienced team of engineers who successfully designed universal analogue lab that comprises of Hardware and PC Interface system. It is not only used to explore OP-AMPS, transistors and discrete components but being interface with PC system, It has its own  function generator and oscilloscope capable to measure and generate max frequency of 1mhz. Analogue is highly armed with functionalities still it is low cost.

It is ideal for data acquisition system and flexible to customize for any industrial automation.

Test suite for validation

Rewaa Cool test suite designed to reduce development efforts required to on designing and testing of embedded drivers.

This automated test suite is designed with pearl, make files and C languages which read test scenario form spreadsheet based on test parameters. It generates test codes in C and sets software for preconditions. Based on the test result, test case report is generated.

Test tool has ability to be customised as per the requirement.

RTOS integration

REWAA has helped customers to integrate drivers with RTOS, by successfully porting uCOS-II operating system on PIC 32 microcontroller.


REWAA has large amount of experience of firmware on various hardware platform like ARM, Microchip ,Freescale Power PC, MXC, Infineon and Atmel. We have expertise for a firmware designing of Flash memories like NAND,NOR and MMC-SD.
We extensively worked on RTOS like u-COS and TCP/IP stack.

Most of the work that is done in the company is in Assembly, C, C++, VC++ and .NET.