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Rewaa offer Portfolio Analysis is a short-term, high-value engagement that provides a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between systems, process and costs. It identifies areas for cost reduction, expense control, and operational efficiency. delivery methodology is driven by the high quality, high value addition and seamless onsite-offshore model that enables better responsiveness, faster time-to-market and an unmatched value proposition to our customers.

Basic Area of Portfolio Analysis

Technology Rationalization: Identify and streamline, consolidate or modernize a clients IT architecture, organization and processes in order to reduce the amount of IT budget consumed in maintenance and re-deploy the savings either to the bottom line or new development. Rewaa proprietary statistical models of successful technology rationalization tactics helps ensure a greater degree of success with technology rationalization efforts. Business Process Rationalization: Reviews IT-intensive processes (e.g., call center operations) and identifies ways to improve the utilization of technologies and re-design business processes such that overall productivity is improved and costs lowered. Data mining and Analysis: Data analysis of business and provide IT enable solutions for a greater degree of success.

Business Impact

Economic: On implementing the recommendations from Portfolio Analysis, clients on an average see a savings off their base cost in the first year and beyond. Process: Our iterative business process redesign methodology takes a bifocal approach by providing near-term relief to process pain points while designing the foundation for longer-term systematic process change. Optimize core business processes through IT enablement, re-architecture and process/ organizational streamlining. People: Automated Tools and process reduces the chances of human errors significantly, allow you to re-deploy your existing resources. Streamlined processes may reduce the number of contractors needed. Reduced maintenance spend in IT results in more resources available for value-added new development. Technology: Identify and improve applications that have duplicating functionality; gauge the health of the existing systems by leveraging unique statistical models developed by Rewaa