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Microsoft Technology

Microsoft Technology Experts (MTE) is a team of technical experts at Rewaa with specialized skills in core technical areas, and a mission to execute and support projects based on Microsoft technologies. The group targets and focuses on key Microsoft technologies


The Java Competency Center is a strategic group of senior technology experts evangelizing and executing projects based on Java technologies. The primary focus of this group is to help Rewaa's clients to better harness Java technologies at the grass root level. At Java competency centre, we foster a product development environment centred amid the best practices in these areas. Building products with Java has its very own specialties and nuances. There are a large set of patterns built in this area. Mastering Java implies mastering these patterns


Having developed mobile applications Rewaa is uniquely qualified as a mobile applications development partner. Whether it is building an end-to-end solution, or porting an application from one platform to another - or even building connectors into enterprise applications and services, Rewaa can help

Open Source Software

Rewaa has a dedicated open source software team who helps client to save potential cost on licensing software by providing a means of independent or a combination of open soruce software. By this customers can easily leverage position to obtain cost effective solution, flexible and time to market